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"Let all the skilled artisans among you come, and make everything the Lord has commanded." Exodus 35:10

I don't have a preferred medium of art, I like to dabble in everything, BUT that being said, writing tends to be less frustrating to my perfectionist OCD lol. I have a million and one stories waiting to be written but I'm desperately trying to get this ONE finished, so that all my work can start to support me. I'm starting to try to not be such a perfectionist and see my art the way other's see it- so that I can take commissions and get the job done without becoming emotionally involved haha

I'm taking free commissions right now, I'd just absolutely be so appreciative of kind donations to my paypal account, to fund a missions trip this coming June. I've been charged not to talk about the trip over social media because it could endanger our chances of getting into the country, but if you have any questions, I can talk about it through email ;D So keep me in your prayers!

I really like g/t I just wish there was cleaner g/t- so, instead of just wishing, I hope to make my own. It's what I always do anyway. I see a movie or a book and I like the story or character so much I have to make one of my own the way I would have done it. I don't do vore, though I try to remain realistic while not being too graphic. I'm not going to write about pervs- it's just not happening.

I'm a Christian, no I was not brain-washed. I'm a Homeschooler, no my parents do not keep me in a closet. I'm a redhead, no I do no- OH WAIT. Yes I do have a temper.

Do Christians annoy you? Well, mean people annoy me. Tell you what, you can talk trash to me, if I can talk Christ to you. Fair is fair. ;]

Please do not try to talk to me through personal notes, unless I know you and have met you in person. I'd like to think anything you have to say to me can be seen by the thousands of other deviants. ;]

I love this! The following is written by CheyennevanStrange cheyennevanstrange.deviantart.…

Dear Acquaintances,

To the Sin family, of the House of Sin, in the Providence of Flesh, in the Kingdom of Satan:
And extended family

Consider this a formal declaration of war.


- A Slave of Sin Saved by Grace

Current Residence: The Moon.
Favourite genre of music: Every genre you can think of [in the Christian catagory] EXCEPT Metal with ONLY screaming. lol
Favourite style of art: Anything that comes to mind.
MP3 player of choice: none, MP4 player lol, ipod!
Favourite cartoon character: Pooh Bear all the way. hahaha
Personal Quote: For if God is with is, who can be a against us? Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.- AP

My blog:…
  • Mood: Zeal
Do you wrestle with something someone did to you a long time ago? You've forgiven them, you don't even see them anymore, but you know where they are and what they're doing. You know that they continue to do what they did to you, to others, that they continue to manipulate and lead people in the wrong direction. It kills me to think of the havoc they are reeking. And you can't tell anyone about the wrong they've done, because they, and others, have told you, it's a sin to talk about, even if those people aren't sorry or don't consider it a mistake.

Clearly, they have something to hide if they blackmail me into silence with, 'it's a sin- if you talk about you'll be dividing a church and if you desire to tell people, than you are a back-bitter, seeking division...... Losing Myself To God


Roses Were Her Favorite Lies by HBPen
Roses Were Her Favorite Lies
OOOOOOOOOOOOIt was too small. I had to fix it. I just blended and painted over the pixelation. 
Roses were your favorite lies,
You led me deep within,
The winding labyrinth in your eyes,
I pursued you further in,
I fell in love with your disguise,
A fallen, outcast angel,
You played and shied and blushed and cried,
And to you I was faithful,
You pulled me near and in my ear,
You breathed of love and rapture,
I was yours, yet you, not mine,
Your love used to capture,
A wolf within sheep's clothing,
And a demon clothed in light,
You sank your knife into my back,
Leaned in and took the bite,
Roses were your favorite lies,
Of soft and striking splendor,
Full of thorns and deep as blood,
The touch was sharp not tender,
And all at once, I did behold,
Your soul, darkness had swallowed,
And peering deeply through the ink,
I saw your heart was hollow,
I wept for love and all allure,
The lie I had possessed,
I should have known the cast out angel,
A demon in light, dressed,
And all I loved was but a lie,
And all you had professed,
Was lost within your empty eyes,
The chasm in your chest,
I let you lead me to my ruin,
My soul has paid the cost,
As I lay dying in your arms,
Eternity is lost,
You killed me in a moment,
But I will die a thousand deaths,
Watching how the curse will bloom,
And steal my sighing breaths,
And though your soul was all deceit,
And veiled by purity,
As the veil is torn away,
My heart, it aches for thee,
I'm bound unto your soul,
Despite the anguish you have caused,
And chained to you, my love,
In all disease and curse and loss,
And if you'd only let me save you,
From the curse within your veins,
Oh I swear that I have loved you,
But my love is all in vain,
For you do not wish for saving,
Nor a savior, nor a cure,
No, you love the leprous night,
Indwelling body, mind, and soul,
Roses were your favorite lies,
And picking them your joy,
To darken all the light that shines,
Corrupt all to be yours,
Roses Were Your Favorite Lies
Poem for a character, betrayed by his love.
I'm so tired of living in a society and a world,
Where being a woman, means being beautiful,
Where the belief that a woman's sole purpose of existence,
Is to be pleasing to the eye and pleasurable to the body,
And her soul is lost to the idea that her worth lies in her ability to please.
Even Christian men, in fact some are the worst offenders,
Still fall into the lie that being a woman, means being beautiful,
When did this become feminine?
And this become- not?
When did doing something like a girl,
Turn into doing something badly,
Why is this beautiful?
And this, ugly?
It's a century old cliché but let me say it again,
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
And if you'd stop comparing us with your skewed scale of beauty,
And just look for God's masterful brushstrokes in that woman,
You could find her beauty,
And she would be worth loving,
Despite the fact she doesn't look like this,
What makes long, dark eye-lashes beautiful?
What makes full, red lips and pale skin feminine?
When so many women around the world were born with none of these?
The definition of feminine, is to possess attributes of the female gender,
But today it means to look like the world's opinion of beauty,
What is it, at the most basic level, that makes person a woman?
It isn't long hair, it isn't big breasts,
No it's to be born with the reproductive organs and body parts of a female, and that is all,
It isn't delicate features, an hourglass figure, smooth hairless legs, or even small feet,
All of that, and so much more, is what society has placed around women's necks,
Like a yoke we drag all our lives, believing the lie that if we were worth loving,
We would be strong enough to carry it, the right shape and build to fit into and bear it,
This isn't what God meant for women,
When God created woman, in the garden for man,
He made her a helper comparable to him, not an object to satisfy,
Women aren't art, they aren't toys, they aren't pets, they aren't slaves,
When God made women comparable to man, He made women equal,
And although her role in marriage is to be a selfless helpmeet,
She was created with a mind and soul, equal to mans in intelligence, capability, and worth,
Jesus Himself made his stance on women clear,
When He accepted the invitation to dine with two sisters,
In a society where men didn't speak to women, much less instruct them in scripture,
He not only came into their home, but invited them both to sit at His feet,
Like the boys- His disciples- and to listen to His teaching,
God made women with more worth than a pretty face,
Look at sex-trafficking around the world, and consider how they treat these girls,
The only worth they see in them is their femininity and their beauty,
How similar our society is, and yet we willingly subject ourselves to this view,
That because we're women, we're supposed to be 'beautiful',
It's a view that springs from the belief as old as time itself, that women are simply, sex objects,
It's the same dark road, that has brought Christian woman to defend a book,
That glorifies violent and destructive sex,
It's only pretend they say, it's just a book, a movie, a game they say,
Tell that to the thousands of woman,
Stuck in that book, that movie, that game- when it comes to real life,
America's freedom should go to show us one thing,
When we're given the freedom to do good, we will always choose evil,
In a country where you can marry whoever you want,
No social casts, no classes, with equality of the sexes, you can marry or not marry as you please,
And sexual assault is still viewed as an abomination,
And yet we still turn to the darkness, and chose it over the light,
We want to live in bondage, in shadows, in pain,
It's our disease, of our corrupted souls, it's our curse,
So stop making excuses to feed your lust or your need to be beautiful,
And hand over your every desire into His hands,
What does it mean to be a woman, to you?
Does it mean wearing skirts, heels, make-up? Or in complete contrast simply having breasts?
God made women with so much more in mind then the physical,
He called for women to be brave, like Rahab, wise and valiant, like Abigail,
Humble and selfless like Ruth, patient and courageous like Esther,
We were meant to be brave, to be wise, to be great, and humble, and kind,
We were made to be selfless helpers, And show men what it means to be created for someone,
Because we are a parable of man being created for God,
And it has nothing to do with being used, abused, admired, or consumed,
I want to see godly women lay down their need to compete with this,
And godly men lay down the belief that women are supposed to be like this,
When we sullied ourselves with sin, God gave us back our worth,
When He paid with His life for our crimes and inherently made us priceless,
He made each of us a unique masterpiece in His eyes,
And despite how far we have fallen, He still see's us with unaltered sight,
And who are we to question or insult the beauty of His eye, when He is the only beholder,
Who's opinion matters,
Definition: Woman
spoken word, to God be the glory, He is the author, I am only the pen.
Jeff and Amy 30th Anniversary by HBPen
Jeff and Amy 30th Anniversary
For my parent's anniversary, Feb 2nd. Also Valentines Day lol. I'm doing portrait commissions! Shoot me a note if you'd like info, prices, or to make a request.

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